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Migration Aid

Migration Aid is a volunteer civil initiative to help refugees arriving to Hungary reach their assigned refugee camps or travel onwards.

What is Migration Aid?

Migration Aid was originally established to help asylum-seekers arriving to Hungary reach their assigned refugee camps as soon as possible. Most of them went through Budapest and had no information how to get to the camps, many had no food, water and were in bad health conditions. Since September 2015, asylum-seekers no longer cross Hungay. We are trying to help them in ohter countries where they are stranded. Since we no longer have a storage location, we cannot accept material donations anymore. You can help via PayPal or by volunteering. If you want to join the initiative, there are many ways you can help! Join our Facebook page for regularly updated information.

InfoAid App

The InfoAid application aims to provide refugees arriving in Hungary with quick and reliable information in their native language.

What is the InfoAid app?

InfoAid is a small and simple application with low data usage, running on smartphones (currently only on Android, iOS in progress). After installation, current and important information checked by Migration Aid activists are displayed as messages, in the language selected by the user. InfoAid app

InfoAid provides users with information in the following fields:

  • what rules apply to them
  • where they can receive care, what is going on in transport
  • that it is safe to drink running water in Hungary
  • where and how they should buy train tickets
  • where they can receive medical care
  • how they should collect the waste they generate
  • where, when and why they have to register and what exactly it involves.

Information is currently available in English, Arabic, Urdu and Farsi, and can be narrowed down to some geographic regions in Hungary. Further languages (Pashto) will be added and volunteer translators, working from English to these languages are also welcome.

How can asylum seekers install the application?

The app is available from Google Play, currently for Android 3.0 and above. The app for iOS is being developed Naturally, an internet (WiFi) or data connection is required for the installation.

Installation with QR code

It is easiest to install the app if you scan the code below with a QR code reader (there is such an app on almost every smartphone): 

InfoAid app

Install from Google Play

If you don’t have a QR code reader, open the Google Play application on your phone and search for InfoAid. You need the app with Migration Aid’s green logo. Direct link


After installation, select the language you wish to use and the locations you wish to follow.  Once it’s done, Migration Aid notifications are displayed automatically in the InfoAid app.


Enys Mones developer