Since the refugee crisis is less pressing in Hungary now, we are able to pay more attention to those in need who live in Hungary.

MigAid + SzoCsoMa

Since the refugee crisis is less pressing in Hungary now, we are able to pay more attention to those in need who live in Hungary.

SzoCsoMa collects donations for Hungarian families living in extreme poverty

Since the refugee crisis is less pressing in Hungary now, we are able to pay more attention to those in need who live in Hungary. In the summer, during the era of the Keleti Tranzit our attention was drawn to several families who were forced to leave their homes and went to Budapest rather choosing insecurity. Through our activities, we have been in contact with several charities and aid organisations, shared some of the donations we received with several institutions. Besides homeless people we supported mothers’ homes, institutions for disabled and a dead-end village in a difficult situation. We have just established cooperation with SzoCsoMa (Social Package Sending Movement) where Migration Aid offered to share SzoCsoMa’s call for help for their autumn campaign. We would like to help them by informing our own base of supporters of their need. Their primary objective is to lift the living standards of those in extreme poverty and to provide food for children daily.

In the following, you can read the call for help from SzoCsoMa. Please note, that the location of the collection is different from that of Migration Aid. Migration Aid supports their work by sharing the announcement, but the collection takes place at the premises of SzoCsoMa in their own organisation. The community of Migration Aid wishes good luck for the campaign, in which we participate between 30 October and 13 November 2015.

“The Social Package Sending movement looks after people living in extreme poverty, often segregated and offer them help in any possible way, mostly by sending them packages. Anyone can be our member if they decided to send a package themselves or brings donations to us for forwarding them to those in need. These are sent to the poorest people, only to those who we know personally, not in a mass without control. For this, we need help, we need social cooperation, since getting food is really difficult, while getting used clothes is relatively easy. The same is true for personal hygiene products, cleaning products and medicines. Those we support lack simple pharmaceuticals, so for them it is impossible to treat kids’ fever, toothache or stomach infections. If you cannot or do not want to deal with shopping or ordering donations yourselves, we also welcome financial donations to support the costs of shipping or help in occasional crisis situations. Many thanks to those who support us!

Anikó Kiss, SZOCSOMA

Donation list:

  • flour, semolina, grits, cereal
  • sugar, fat, oil
  • vegeta, spices, paprika
  • household biscuit
  • pasta
  • bacon, cold cuts, jam wrapped in vacuum packaging, cans of meat, liver pate in cans
  • hygiene items for babies (diapers, wipes, bathing cream, lotion)
  • personal hygiene package for women
  • personal hygiene package for men
  • washing powder
  • tools and chemicals for cleaning
  • fuel vouchers or cards to support transport of donations

Furthermore, we would welcome any offers to transport the donations. If you would like to join our initiative, please get in touch with Anikó Kiss at +36 70 503 02 10 or at [email protected] The donations can be brought or sent to Budapest 1088, district 8, Múzeum street 19. If you order online with shipping to our address or you mail us your donations, please schedule delivery around noon but in every case between 9 and 16 on weekdays. Please send us an email to [email protected] to inform us about the incoming shipment in advance.

Contact for storage room: Kristóf Rabel +36 20 775 2714

Thanking for your help in advance, Anikó Kiss SzoCsoMa coordinator”